Meditation Healing, in essence, is an alternative healing method to help slow everything down, from your mind to your physical body, which in turn can help you sleep better thus giving your brain and body the respite it requires to heal and rejuvenate. Alot of the pain, stress and anxiety we can feel on a daily basis can be related to lack of relaxation and sleep.

Meditation healing can be done every night before we are ready to retire and give us a much better and deeper night’s sleep. It releases serotonin into your system which relaxes your whole body/ mind and gives the feeling of wellbeing and being refreshed and rejuvenated.

Just take 15 minutes before you are ready for bed to sit in total silence and listen to your breathe; try slowing it down, breathing in through your nose and out slowly through your mouth. Continue to do this for 15 minutes, slowing your breathe more and more as you go.

Shinka Zen Meditation

A large portion of people in today’s society do not correlate meditation with healing. What comes to mind for most people when the modality of meditation comes up, is the traditional way of doing meditation, sitting cross legged, eyes closed and humming or chanting (usually Om). Where-as in actual fact, meditation can go a long way to helping the healing process on many levels, especially on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

For those suffering the effects of cancer treatments, meditating on a regular basis, or before and after treatments, can be very uplifting and calming thus helping the person to relax more throughout their treatment.

Shinka Zen Meditation

For those afflicted with depression ( as I have been) practicing meditation is paramount for slowing and quietening the minds “monkey chatter”. I have suffered long and sometimes severe bouts of depression and meditation has been a supportive, silent  friend in helping me sort all the “stuff” that has tormented my mind. I have found it cleansing and brings about wellbeing, whether it be a solo meditation or done in a group session. Either way, or a combination of both ,goes a long way to sorting, clearing and quietening the mind to Help heal the battered soul.

For  people who have and are living the enlightened spiritual lifestyle, the meditation healing process really heightens, encompasses and enriches their life and spirituality.