Meditation is now looked upon as an alternate therapy to help us slow down the busy life style we have created for ourselves. To get back to something basic and simple, to take time out and to give that ‘precious time’ back to one’s self…… To rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Soul.

Meditations being practised worldwide for stress relief, pain relief, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and depression. As an alternate therapy its even been said it can add years to your life……. the Tibetan monks are a good example of this, the longevity of their lives is put down to their healthy life style of which the primary modality is daily meditations. It is of most importance to them and they practice this with much discipline, reverence and love.

Meditation can be practised in several different ways. It can be done for as little as ten minutes a day, up to an hour a day, once or more times a day. For those dedicated to this alternative healing, it is a recognised modality that works well for them and enhances their day to day lives.

The most recognised posture for meditation technique is the sitting cross legged on the floor, arms resting on the knees with the thumbs and index fingers touching, eyes closed and usually humming the “Om “word to yourself…….. elongate the word ‘Om’ to ‘Ommmmm’ so it reverberates in your throat and mind, thus slowing down your heart beat and brain waves.