The Tarot or tarot cards have been around in some form or another for hundreds of years; before cards, symbols were etched into stone and every stone represented something and thus a meaning to be read from. Similar stones are still available today known as Runes or Rune Stones and can be as accurate as tarot cards.
Some people are fascinated with the tarot and in my New Age field of work we are asked for tarot readings more than anything else. Then you have some people who are totally spooked by the idea of having their cards read, fearing they may be told something they are afraid of or won’t be able to handle or get over!
This is not the case in a major part of the Metaphysical/ New Age movement; most psychics will read the cards without alarming you and if they do see something that they feel you need to know about your health for instance, then they will instruct you to go see a doctor for a check-up or if they see or sense a safety issue around you then they will ask you to take care and to be aware of a stranger etc if it is a personal threat. Most psychics will ask you a direct question about what they are picking up on to see what your reaction/ answer is, this will give them direction as to where they should look next.

The tarot is nothing to be afraid of, after all they are just pieces of cardboard with writing and pictures on them and the psychic or clairvoyant is only using them as a tool to help you see and understand what they are seeing, feeling or sensing. Using intuition and sensing the energy from the client is the main part of Clairvoyance and can guide the reader with the aid of the tarot cards.

To give you an instance on how the tarot works is to dispel the myth surrounding the death card; so many people are alarmed if the death card is dealt in a tarot spread. This card very, very rarely means death in its physical form; the death card means the death of a situation, job, bad relationship, or friendship for example.

The death card also means for most people, a transition in life, maybe a move of residence, a promotion in the work place, (thus the death of the latter position), a new life lesson, or maybe the transition to Higher Consciousness or Spiritual Growth, a shift out of your comfort zone to new things.

It is not until the psychic reader puts the question to the client…….’are you looking at moving house or state?'(Just to give you an example) that then the death card is explained and most clients are quite relieved! As I stated earlier most psychics do not tune into a clients actual death, so there is nothing to fear from it or the tarot.

A tarot reading is something that most people will have when they feel comfortable to do so or feel the need for help or guidance. Others have regular readings; others will never have one their entire life. You are the only judge that knows when or if you require a tarot reading.

The tarot can be enlightening and helpful to most people, there will always be the minority that do not get much if anything from their reading but it doesn’t mean it was a bad reading or that you should not have had one. It may mean it just wasn’t the right time or in some cases the client was just not ready or unable to accept the information that came thru.

The final decision is always up to you, don’t have a reading because someone else thinks you should, it is a very personal choice. I hope if you do have the tarot read someday it is an enjoyable and enlightening experience for you.