Psychics are everyday people like you and I, with the exception that they tend to utilise more of their mind power or as some would put it Soulmind. We are all capable of varying degrees of psychic phenomena; it is a case of trusting yourself and what comes into your mind and what you pick up intuitively.

Unleash Your Inner Psychic!

Think of it this way, have you ever been thinking about someone that you haven’t heard from in ages and then out of nowhere they ring you or you bump into them somewhere? I’m guessing your saying to yourself that it is just a coincidence? Not so, or as we in the New Age movement like to say, ‘there is no such thing as a coincidence!’ Everything happens for a reason and it was the energy put out by your thought processes that linked you to the person you were thinking about!

Maybe it was time for the two of you to reconnect or maybe they had some important news to tell you, whatever the reason, you were meant to reconnect at the time you did. Always listen to your gut instinct, it is right 99% of the time, and if you feel strongly about something then follow thru with your instincts.

Primarily this is what most Psychics do, they utilise what they hear and feel coming into their minds space. Sometimes a feeling or a pain in a specific part of their body will be an indicator; most psychics hear and sense information coming in, others will tell you they are working with their and your guides. (for more information on guides go to Spirit Guides). Others work with Angels, Arch-Angels, Ascended Masters and some work thru those who have passed over.

Psychics that can work with the deceased are known as Mediums and not all psychics can do Mediumship, but alot will get some information coming thru or a sense that someone is with them whilst a reading is in session and that will usually be someone that has come in with the person having the reading done.

The psychics I have worked with for many years I can truly say are some of the best this country has to offer; yes it’s true there are the pretenders and charlatans out there that tend to put a blemish on the industry, but most businesses will screen and scrutinize the best they can and if at some stage something slips thru then that is usually dealt with fairly quickly.

Unleashed Psychic

Most that I have worked with have been doing their psychic work for over 20 years, some for as long as 45 years and their reputations speak for themselves. They are the real deal and can leave you speechless at times with what they can pick up on and tell you.

I was told something in a reading about 3 years ago that no-one could have possibly known let alone the psychic that I sat with! That for me is proof that psychic power or energy or intuition is real and does work.

The main thing is trust yourself and the psychic you go to, be open to what may be said, talk to them freely, don’t clam up, ask questions, ask for explanations on things you may not have understood, try and be relaxed and let your energy flow as it makes it easier for psychics to make the connection with you. When you sit across from a psychic it is the exchange of energy between you that really helps.

When the reading is finished and you still have un-answered questions, just be polite and ask if you can have a few more minutes to ask a quick question, most readers will allow that as they don’t want you going away unhappy or with questions on your mind.

I usually say to people when I’m booking readings in that if you have a main reason for wanting a reading or need help or advice on something major then bring it up first thing when you sit down with your psychic, don’t wait until the end as it may take too much time then to go back on it. After all, you are paying for your reading you may as well get what you need from it rather than it being a general reading.

When it’s all said and done, if you are not happy at the end of the psychics reading then talk to them about it, be kind and understanding that they may not have been able to link to your energy. Most psychics will give you your money back if you ask. With that said, remember not to take advantage of this just to have a reading and receive your money back, as there is a little thing that can have big consequences and that is Karma.

Psychics are there to help you not to perform miracles, they are in essence a guide to help you along life’s path, they are after all just people like you and I with a little more insight………

Blessing to all…….