Mediumship is regarded as the best way of being able to contact people who have passed on, or passed over to the other side as some prefer to put it. It is strongly believed by Psychics, Clairvoyants and a large portion of the population that when we die we are still contactable in Spirit and that our Soul Essence is still within the earth plane. Is it not fair to say that at some time in our lives most of have ‘felt something’ in our presence that we cannot see or touch, we just know something, someone is there……. Well some Psychics are experienced in mediumship and being able to contact the deceased and can guide you to who it may be and what the person in spirit is wishing to convey to you.

In my years of knowing many good Psychic Mediums I have found that many people do believe in the soul essence of a deceased person being present with them on some level and will travel many kilometres to have a reading with a Medium. I have been privileged to witness amazing contacts with spirit and have seen Mediums leave clients speechless with what the Medium has been able to detect and relay back from the person in spirit. In a mediumship reading there has been specific information that could not have been possible to know except coming from the person that has passed over. There are times it is quite humbling and makes you realise that there is much more ‘out there’ than we can possibly grasp.

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Mediumship can be very powerful for the psychic and draining at the same time, so allowances should be made for some mistakes to be made, they are still only human after all. Most readers are well versed at protecting themselves from being drained tho and can tune into spirit with ease,they dedicate time to Aura Clearing and Meditation sessions that help them focus better. Mediums can bring thru answers to questions and situations that a client may have been at a loss with for many years, giving them instant release or relief and for some, much needed closure.

When a death has been unexpected or premature then there can be alot of unfinished business and unanswered questions, of which a Medium can tune into and help the client with. Mediumship is being able to sense the energy of the spirit that is present and asking questions of which spirit usually answers with symbolism, colours, numbers and spoken words. Sometimes the Medium will get sensations, pain in certain areas of the body, smell aromas like certain foods, perfumes or odours, hear music or sounds, all or some can be related to the person in spirit and this is their way of coming thru. Mediums believe strongly in Reincarnation and can sometimes tune into a soul that maybe waiting for rebirth. They also believe in the law of Karma and know not to impart misleading information if they are not sure about something they are feeling.

Mediumship also works with beloved pets and animals that have passed from this life, their essence is as strong (sometimes more so) as the human soul. Pets have been known to stay on the earth plane for decades waiting for their owners to pass over. I am not a Medium but I do feel and sense things on an Empathic level. In saying that, our family pet dog of eighteen years passed over in 1998 and I have always said and sensed she is still here with us. I received proof of that in January 2008 when a Medium I had been working with commented that a pure white large dog had been with me for two out of the three days we had been at a venue doing readings. She knew nothing of our family pet, not even that we had one that had passed away ten years prior! I was totally amazed, even as long as I have been working with these gifted people they still come out with something that will floor me!

So if you have ever wondered about Mediumship or have unanswered questions or purely wish to contact a loved one, then maybe it is worth consideration.