Empaths are people that have a very kind, gentle and genuine heart and soul; they are easily hurt and find that another person’s pain can become theirs if they are or become too close to that person. They tend to feel for a tree being cut down, an injured animal or a cry from a stranger, etc. They are strongly ruled and harnessed by energy from people, the planet, universe and the moon. They feel the energy pull of our universal power and all that incorporates. Empaths can quite often pick a troubled person a mile away, they can walk into a room and feel past energy from an argument, abuse, death, but also love joy and contentment.

Empathic persons can usually read most people very well and are capable of helping people along their life path and also with solving problems, offering intuitive counselling and advice. They can help people to see life in a different light, giving that person alternatives and helping them along their path.

They are good with health aspects of one’s life and offering sound advice on management of that. Some empathic persons are psychics or clairvoyants, but alot are not, preferring to be known only as an empathy who works purely with energy and intuition.

Most people do not believe in personal energy or as most of us know it better as the human aura; Aura energy is within and around every single one of us and every living thing including trees, animals, insects, birds, the oceans, crystals etc. Some people will dispute that innate objects like rocks and crystals have energy, but they do, you only have to research how a crystal changes and grows whilst it is still within the earth…….

Empaths work with crystal energy alot especially in healing work such as reiki, healing meditation and crystal healing. An empath is usually a healer whether they practice it or not. Some prefer not to practice healing modalities preferring to concentrate on distant healing or channelling healing for those who need it, including the earth.

Empaths can be solitary folk sometimes preferring to be alone for long periods of time to concentrate on their energy work, clearing the mindset, and going within to work on themselves and their life path.

Contrary to belief, some empathic persons have low self esteem and self worth issues and they find a great amount of personal satisfaction in helping, healing and the counselling work they do for others; even if they can’t help themselves with their own issues, they have boundless energy, intuition and insight when it comes to others.

This can open Empaths up to being used by a minority of people who penetrate their gentle nature; a good empath usually sees, senses such a person in their midst and will nip them in the bud, (so to speak) before the situation gets out of hand. But there are still some master manipulators that do get thru and thus an empath can suffer from sabotage and depleted energy.