Channelling is adopted by many psychics and clairvoyants to equip them to access information and answers for a client. A person does not necessarily need to be a psychic to be able to channel, some are born channellers that hear messages directly from the other side.

It can be done several ways; thru a reading where-as the client sits across from the person who allows themselves to be used as a conduit (or channel), the client then places their hands in the hands of the channel, (sometimes it will be the fore-arms that will be held) and thinks about the person they are wishing to bring forward from Spirit and talks about them with the channeller; all the while the two of them concentrating on the spirit they are wishing to contact.

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Channelling can be instant where-as the spirit will come forward and the channeller will speak in that persons tongue or pass on messages intuitively for the channel to pass on. Some channellers will give their body over almost completely as a vessel for spirit to come into and use while they are contacting their loved ones still living.

Most clients will be quite surprised and even shocked when spirit comes forth and speaks in the voice they had when they were living, but this fuels as proof for the client that they are really speaking to their dearly departed……..

Usually the energy of spirit will enter via the Crown or Solar Plexus Chakra and this acts as the conduit for the channeller to bring forth the messages from beyond.

Reiki practitioners can also adopt channelling to enable them to access information from spirit to give help and advice to their client. The Reiki practitioner allows themselves to be a conduit so that the Chi / Universal Energy can be passed thru them to the client for healing.

A person that wishes to be a channel must be strong in body, mind and spirit to cope with some things that may come thru; you must also be emotionally equipped to handle alot of what you as a channeller will hear, feel, sense and experience.

Sometimes the information you are asked to pass on can bring you to your knees (emotionally) but the reward is in the beauty that shines thru the client when you have answered questions that have tormented them, (sometimes for years); it is the satisfaction and depth of love you feel within your soul essence knowing you have brought closure for your grieving client………. what better payment could you ask for?

Some channellers are so experienced and are very strong Empaths (people who sense/feel energy on a deep subtle level) that they can conduct that which is known as ‘Distant Healing’ this is where they bring the energy forth into their body and whist meditating, send it forward to the person that is in need of healing; and yes it does work, I have actually experienced it and when I found out where it came from I was truly humbled and thankful…..

Always ensure you are in the hands of a credible channeller/ healer and be prepared for what may transpire throughout the session. If at any time you are uncomfortable (for any reason) or unable to cope then stop the session, make your apologies and leave; it may not have been right for you at that time, use your intuition and trust it….. Always.

A channelling session can be very enlightening and when experienced by a true channeller, it is something you will carry with you always……