Spirit Guides, who are they, what are they…….. Some in the metaphysical field say they are Guardians, ghosts, helpers or loved ones that have passed over. Whoever they are to you, by any name, then they are all ok. I have found with the New Age Movement, Spirit Guides are a much discussed topic. With my metaphysical and Spiritual work over the years, I have seen many a crowded lecture area when there is a Spirit Guide talk on. People are always interested in knowing if they have a spirit guide and who are they, what do they look like, is it a long lost relative and do they have a message. Spirit Guides are often present when you are utilizing an Alternate Therapy or Healing like, Meditation, Chakra Clearing, Crystal Healing, Massage, Reiki , just to name a few.

Mirror Mirror

In my personal Spiritual work, Spirit Guides to me are usually someone who has been in your life or had a big impact on your life. I had an uncle, whom I was very fond of, pass away in 1990 after a long battle with cancer, and even all these years later, I still know and can feel him around me. The biggest give away that he is close by is when I get the faint smell of the old fashioned hair oil that men used back in the 50’s and 60’s called Californian Poppy. My uncle still used it in the 70’s, but it hasn’t been available (to my knowledge) since then. So when I sense that, then I know he is with me, guiding me, offering comfort, usually at difficult times in my life. He has also been picked up as being my guide when I had a psychic/ spiritual reading done, some years ago.

For alot of people though, Spirit Guides are/ can be total strangers, or so they think…… the guide usually goes back many, many generations or life times, in which the person has no knowledge or memory of. For others, their guide may be, to them, an Angel, that they feel is watching over them. There is a difference between Spirit Guides and Angels. Guides have had an earthly incarnation, at some stage, and for some, many incarnations. Angels are light beings that have never had an earthly experience as humans and never will. They are pure Celestial entities that take on human likeness, so that we can recognize them. But again, if you wish to call your Guide an Angel or any other Celestial form, that is ok.

For those of us that believe in Spirit Guides, we know that we only have to ask for help or protection, believe and trust in what we are asking for, and most times, within reason, it will transpire. If we are silly about it and ask, for instance, to win lotto, 99.99% chance it’s not going to happen. When it is something genuine and sincere , then it is more likely. To give you a positive instance; Back in the mid 90’s I asked my guides for help in directing me on the right path of Metaphysical teaching to access more knowledge. I asked that I would recognize it when it came to me and that it would be available within the next 6 weeks. Yes it came, within 3 weeks, in the form of a Meditation Course. During that 10 week course, a Spirit Guide came to me in deep Meditation, someone I had been in school with in 1968. Her name was Cheryl and she died when we were only 6 years old. She had led me to the Meditation course.

That was a very powerful turning point for me and I will never forget it or that little girl. She told me that I had protected her at school when the other kids were cruel to her throughout her illness and that I hugged her when she cried. Approximately 26 years later, she came back to me in that Meditation to say thank you.

So for me, Spirit Guides are there, and I know many people that believe in theirs also. Your guides can be called upon when you are learning or putting to use an Alternate Therapy or Healing. As in my case, Meditation is the perfect Modality for a Spirit Guide to come thru and quite often do. You can go into a Meditation asking that if your guide is present, can they please make themselves known. Also when you are having a Reiki  or Crystal Healing, a Guide will often be present. I am a Reiki practitioner and have sensed energy with myself and the person I am doing the healing on. I assume it is the person’s Guide or Angel with them, while they are with me.

For some people, especially those who are alone, it can be a reassuring feeling to know they are not quite alone. Guides can present themselves as pure energy, to help or guide you in a time of need. It is also said that no-one ever dies alone, and for those in transit from this life, that to, can be reassuring. I would like to think that is the case…..

It's not just Advice

Just as an exercise, try sitting somewhere peaceful and out in the open (I find sitting outside with my back against a large tree works for me) try and clear your mind if you can, take a few deep breathes and relax. In your mind or if you feel comfortable, speak out loud, ask if your Spirit Guide (or if you prefer, Angel) is with you, and if so, who might they be? Repeat your question several times slowly. Then relax and take notice of anything that filters thru your mind. It may be a distant memory, person, word, name, scene or something that you have no memory of. You may see an image of someone you don’t know or even an animal or pet. You may sense energy, smell a scent, even have a sudden craving for a type of food. One or more can be an indication of who your Guide is. If you feel comfortable, speak with your guide, or simply give thanks and resume with your day.

The more you relax and trust in what you are doing, the more it will prove itself to you. When I started on my Spiritual journey,  20 years ago, I was a skeptic, (big time!) I told the Universe (or The Guys Upstairs, as I call them) that ‘this stuff’ had to prove itself to me if I was ever going to work in the Metaphysical field! For me, truly, it has. I have put many Alternate Metaphysics to the test, and been quite stern in my request for proof, and over time, much has come thru.

I have found the more we trust and believe in what we are doing, learning and striving for, the more it will come to fruition. There are some great books on the market on Spirit Guides, how to meet and work with them. I have read some wonderful books in my early years of Spiritual Metaphysics and Alternate Therapy that guided me along the right path.

I wish you many blessings and much joy throughout your journey….

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