A healthy Soulmind is as it sounds a healthy soul and a healthy mind combined, this makes for a better healthy life. Many people do not think about or register with the balance between the two and how the collective Soulmind can relate to your complete all round wellbeing. Your soul is your universal essence, your spirit, your very being and your body is the vehicle that your soul travels in whilst in this incarnation. In the case of eating disorders it is suggested that the soul and mind are not working in unison and harmony. If the mind is tormented with things like depression, stress and anxiety and the body is being starved of nutrition then there is the real threat of the body and mind breaking down and resulting in an eating disorder.

When there is imbalance, disharmony or disease within the body then it affects the soul essence and the longer the imbalance is allowed to continue the unhealthier the soul and body can become. If you look at the word disease it really makes sense as far as the effect on your body and a healthy Soulmind. If you break the word down it is two words dis-ease and that is it in a nut shell. It means the body is in dis-ease or dis-harmony which causes unrest.

When the mind is also disturbed, stressed, worried or suffering mental illness then that combined with the unrest or disrupted soul can potentially see a person unwell and their health at risk.

Now in saying all that the combination of the Soulmind can work to great benefit to aid a person suffering illness and if the will or determination is strong enough then even some terminal illness can be put in remission or life expectancy prolonged. I know of two women from two different walks of life that over came the real threat of dying early purely by changing their life and the way they thought!

The first woman was the mother of a dear friend of mine; her mum was told at the age of 48 that she only had 6-12months at best to live due to breast cancer that had spread to other parts of the body. She had surgery to remove the breasts but was told it had already spread and that there was little else they could to for her. So she had the chemotherapy and radiation treatments and still they said it was too late and that she should enjoy what life she had left. In that moment something snapped in her brain and she virtually told the doctors that she wasn’t ready to die and she would survive to see her young grand children grow up! Her essence of the Soulmind kicked in, her determination to survive, the reality of emanate death was real and she said “stuff it I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!”

The Soulmind Power of her intention was so resolved that to this day (12years later) she is still alive and well and to the doctors amazement still in full remission. Her grandchildren have grown up and she has two great grand children and one on the way. She completely changed her way of living and more importantly her way of thinking. She went completely organic, moved out of the city to country living, performed daily meditation, lost weight, always maintained happy thought processes, kept her distance from negative people and influence and most of all stuck with positive thought, always, never giving into the thoughts of disease or dying.

Her Soulmind essence was and is an inspiration to me every day and I tell her story to those who have lost hope. Our Soulmind is a powerful force if only we have the determination to tap into it and be strong and positive. It is a hard thing for most of us to do but I have seen it done and proven to work.

The other woman I know is a close girlfriend of mine who was told she had a cancerous cyst that had to be removed. She too survived by using the same positivity in her life. I’m not saying it can or will work for everyone but its certainly worth trying rather than just giving in and giving up. These two women are an inspiration to the determination to survive against the odds. I am honoured to know them both and grateful for their existence in my life, their inspiration has helped me thru some very difficult times. Love and blessings to them both.