The subject of Reincarnation seems to fall into two categories, believers and non believers. Rarely do I come across a person who sits on the fence with the idea, and occasionally have had the odd comedian that will say, “If I die before you and come back as Cleopatra, I will let you know! I fall into the first category, I do believe in reincarnation. I believe we have all had, and are still to have, many lives.

In Metaphysics/ New Age lectures, we are told that we have come from ‘ Soul Circles’ and depending on the evolution of lives you have lived, determines what Soul Circle you come from and go back too. Every single person you come into contact with (in this life) no matter how brief an encounter it is you have had with them, you will have known them at least once before in a previous life. The main people that you share this life with (your family, loves, friends) you will have had play a major part in many other lives before and you will have evolved over time with them. It is even suggested that, maybe your mother in this life may have been a sister or grandmother in a previous life!

I have been to many talks and lectures at New Age and Psychic festivals over the years and the subject of reincarnation is always something that people have many questions about, and keep the lecturer tied up with, long after the lecture is over. Reincarnation has links to the Law of Karma, good and bad. So it is said, whatever we fail to do, correct, or live in one life, will be repeated in another, and so on, until the slate is clean. So in essence;  If you live your life doing wrong or hurting others, you will surely come back in the next life and have the lessons served up to you again and again, until you get it right, or pay the piper, so to speak. It comes back to the Law of Karma, which the Metaphysical community say is an exact science that no-one gets around or away from! Maybe you have heard the following;    what goes around, comes around……    Cause and Effect…..   That which you sow, so shall you reap……    All are related to Karma.

I am a believer of Karma also, and I feel if more people believed in it then it would keep more of us on the straight and narrow, or at the very least give us something to think about. I have read many books on the subject and so much of it seems to make sense to me. It has been suggested that near death experiences are also linked to karma, in the way that a person gets a second chance. It is worth noting that those who do have a near death experience, usually change their life in a big way Alot of people are of the belief that karma is only dealt out on the bad stuff we do, this is not the case, it just seems most people only remember the bad. Karma is also served for all the good things we do, one good turn deserves another, so they say……

To give you an example;   about three months ago, an elderly lady was 20c short for her grocery at a Coles supermarket and I was behind her and offered her the money, she was amazed at this simple act and thanked me for the 20c. About 10days later I was returning an item of clothing at Big W, when the cashier asked me for the 5c so she could round the return money up to $15, I didn’t have a 5c piece in my purse and a lady waiting in line behind me, offered the 5c, I in turn, was grateful for the offer, and commented to her that it’s not something you see people do much these days! Her reply was that she had just had a nice person save her a car park, and that one good deed deserves another! It may only be something very small, but I haven’t forgotten that nice person for her 5c……..

I have a girlfriend who always puts herself out for others and never minds a bit. She has more good luck (karma) than anyone I know. She is a gifted Psychic/ Clairvoyant and often does readings for free for those who really need it and can’t afford one. I have never come across a Clairvoyant that does not believe in Reincarnation or Karma.

Depending on your karmic checklist and what the Universe has in store for you, as to how many times you will have to be reincarnated. You also have a choice as to what path you wish to fill and what karma you need to complete. The further up the evolutionary ladder we climb, the more we fulfil and the better Souls we become, the more karmic debt we erase. This is where the process of “it’s some ones time to go” is also said to come into effect. They have completed this reincarnation and it is time to go back to their ‘Soul Circle’. It can, and I have, helped a grieving person by explaining this to them and that the Soul of their loved one is ok.

Have you ever met someone and thought that you already know them? That there is something strangely familiar about them and you instantly feel very comfortable in their presence? Or you keep having dealings with the same person/ people; they just seem to be where you are? Deja’vue, is it? Or have these people been reincarnated with you……   There are also the cases of people who say “why does this stuff keep happening to me?”  Maybe there is a real reason; they just need to think about what they may have done at some stage. Is it just a case of good/bad luck……

No matter what we believe, for me, it is a nice thought that Reincarnation may exist. That we will share ongoing life experiences with those we love. We don’t remember past lives……. Or do we? Some of us certainly bring some strong hints of the past with us…….

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