Past Lives is a subject that not everyone believes in or wants to know about, but for those that do believe in the existence of them, then their current life can make much more sense. For most of us there are questions about our lives (and usually about our childhoods) that we never receive answers for or are able to work out. Some people have issues in their life that they struggle with or cannot come to grips with. Some have childhood issues that they would like to work thru, have answers to or resolve. Past lives can offer answers and bring resolution to some of life’s concerns, worries or pain.

There are many Psychics that specialize in past life readings, therapy or regression. Some use Meditation techniques to help bring issues forward others can simply pick up on subtle signs of a past life. For some people that Meditate on a regular basis they can sometimes see or sense things during their meditation that they may not necessarily remember in their waking state.

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There are also specific practitioners who specialize in Past Life Regression. This can be very heavy going, so be sure you are up to it and can handle what may come out of it. It is also said that sometimes our most recent past life can be picked up and read in our Aura. Crystals can play a part in remembering a past life, the most utilized for this are;  Herkimer Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and Orange Carnelian.

Past Lives are also linked to Reincarnation and Karma. Our Karmic debts good and bad follow us thru every life until there is balance, and this is why past life actions can reflect this life. Thru reincarnation we clear our karmic debts, life by life. So in essence things that we experience in this life, especially if it is repetitive, can be because we didn’t solve it in a previous past life.

Psychics and Clairvoyants often pick up on issues that are based in a past life and can talk to you about it and help you work thru it. Please note, it is not only bad karma or past life issues that can have a bearing on this life, much of the wonderful, selfless, good things we do in our past lives follows us thru too. I have come across many people who believe that only bad karma or unresolved issues follow them thru their reincarnations but that is not true, the good follows you too. For instance you may know someone who seems to have allot of accurate medical knowledge and can sprout off medical jargon yet they have never studied medicine! It just seems to come out of nowhere……. It is suggested in Metaphysical fields that maybe that person was a doctor, surgeon or nurse in a past life, so if they were a doctor in a past life, it’s a good thing and could certainly come in handy in this life! Yes….

I have heard of cases where people have been able to resolve issues they are having in this life by going into a Past Life Regression and coming to terms with things that transpired in maybe one or more of their past lives. Please note, past life regression should only be done by a therapist that specializes in it and is confident in the process. Be sure before you go ahead with a regression session, it can bring out information you are not ready for or equipped to cope with, it is wise to do your homework first as a good regression therapist should have a certificate to prove their validity.

Looking into past lives is not for everyone, some people would prefer to leave well enough alone but for others it can dissipate years of pain, stress, anxiety and unanswered questions. It can make sense of certain difficulties and why we have to go thru some of what we do and then help us move forward with this life……