New Age Meditation is a way of describing the age old modality of Meditation. So many people are under the assumption that meditation has only been around for the last one hundred years or so, when in actual fact it has been around almost as long as man has…..
benefits of meditation
For those who have a problem with quietening the mind, an ‘open eye ‘meditation can work well. This alternate therapy is likened to daydreaming. It’s where you let your eyes go out of focus, similar to when you’re daydreaming.

Sit somewhere comfortable, whether it is on the floor or a comfortable chair, try and wear loose clothing and sit with your back straight. Light a candle and place it at a distance away from you but in the line of your vision, take several deep breathes and let them out slowly, don’t worry too much if you can’t stop the days issues from flitting in and out of your mind, your meditation will still work.
zen enlightenment
Concentrate your vision on the flame of the candle and continue to breathe slowly and deeply. As you stare into the flame of the candle, let your vision go, even if it’s blurred, don’t worry that you’re not doing it right just relax and let yourself go. Continue to breathe long and deep and allow whatever wants to come into your mind, to come, then let it go, don’t try and fight your conscious mind, just relax and let it be……..

New Age Meditation in essence, is an alternative healing which can slow down your breathing thus your heartbeat and give rest, (for whatever time you put in) to your Mind, Body and Soul. It releases serotonin into your system which relaxes your whole body/ mind and gives the feeling of wellbeing and being refreshed and rejuvenated.

For those who love the outdoors, this meditation can be done sitting out in the sun and staring out in to the distance at a large tree, just adopt the same strategy as the candle flame. Just relax and let your focus go. This is a great alternative way to meditate for those who find the conventional way difficult.

New age meditation can be done in a group environment. I have found this most rewarding and of great help in battling my life long fight with depression. People who are comfortable enough to practice this alternate therapy together have the extra effect of heightened energy of the collective in the room. I have meditated many times with up to 15 other people and found it much more powerful and the meditation a lot deeper and longer. I have always come out of it enlightened, happier and able to sleep better and face the new day with renewed confidence.

People, who meditate regularly, release stress, relax more, reduce pain, anxiety and sleep disorders, and lighten the darkness of depression. It has even been said that regular meditation can have a ‘detox’ effect on the body, thus flushing out bad toxins.meditation techniques

I believe that everyone can find a meditation to suit them, their time and needs. I have done a crystal meditation whilst I am lying in bed. This is similar to the candle flame, but I focus on a crystal, or more over, the colour of a crystal, in my mind, usually an Amethyst crystal for its beautiful, vibrant purple colour.

The same process is applied to this bed time meditation as to the candle flame one. Doing this one in bed, slows everything down in readiness for sleep, and if you drop off to sleep while doing it then all the better……..

The alternative healing of new age meditation is excellent to do while soaking in a warm (not boiling hot) bath. Make this a special time just for you. Tell your family you are retreating to the bathroom, not to be disturbed unless the house has caught alight! Take with you an oil burner and a relaxing essential oil, some tea light candles, a cup of herbal tea and some gentle relaxation music.

Run your bath, set up the oil burner, candles and music. Put a few drops of the essential oil in to the bath water and then sink in to your warm bath, sip your herbal tea and relax. After you have finished your tea and are soaking comfortably, then you can do either the candle flame or crystal meditation.