Another way to meditate is in a group environment through Meditation Classes. I have found this most rewarding and of great help in battling my life long fight with depression. People who are comfortable enough to practice this healing alternate therapy together have the extra effect of heightened energy of the collective in the room. I have meditated many times with up to 15 other people and found it much more powerful and the meditation a lot deeper and longer. I have always come out of it enlightened, happier and able to sleep better and face the new day with renewed confidence.

Shinka Zen Meditation

When a modality such as meditation is a totally new phase in some one’s life and they don’t know anything about it or how to get started, then healing meditation classes are an inexpensive and wonderful environment in which to enrol and meet likeminded people.

There are classes available for all levels of meditation. Starting with a beginner’s class will usually have a minimum of 5 up to 15 people attending. The teacher will spend a large part of the first session explaining what meditation is and how it works, also what to expect and how the experience can be enlightening and healing.

Some people have great results with their first few meditation classes, where-as others may take awhile to settle and feel comfortable in a mixed group.

Shinka Zen Meditation

Some individuals will flit in and out of their meditation, others will go quite deep and a portion will (and usually do) drop off to sleep, this to, is ok. Your teacher will use a guided technique which takes you step by step through your meditation. I will write about this and take you through a guided healing meditation later on my “guided meditation” page.

Meditation classes are a great way to get started, enhance your meditation practice and also meet new friends with a common interest.

Shinka Zen Meditation

People who utilize meditation classes regularly, release stress, relax more, reduce pain, anxiety and sleep disorders, and lighten the darkness of depression. It has even been said that regular meditation can have a ‘detox’ effect on the body, thus flushing out bad toxins. When the body is in a relaxed state more often than the bodies internal systems function much better and cleaner. Organs such as the intestines, kidneys, liver, and most importantly the large intestine and bowel, function better and quicker thus eliminating the nasty toxins that can clog up our internal systems. Now that has to be a good thing, for all of us.

We all deserve better health and should not take it for granted, so think about enrolling in some beginner Meditation Classes and do something wonderful and healing for yourself.  You will find it invigorating, uplifting, cleansing, spiritual and most of all, healing…..