Welcome to my guided meditation page……

This is one of the most powerful and positive meditations a person can indulge in. A guided meditation can be done several ways. Alot of New Age stores and bookshops carry and sell guided meditations on tape and cd,s. There are many wonderful  authors out there that have set out easy, instructional tapes and cd,s, that take you on short, easy to follow meditations through to more in-depth, deep and longer sessions, Guiding you through step by step. Also, many New Age books have guided meditations set out in easy to follow format. With this, you will have to have a friend read out the instructions slowly, step by step, as you take yourself into and through the meditative state.

By far, (for me personally) the best guided meditation is done in a group session with a teacher taking you through from start to finish. I find the energy of a collective group of likeminded people going into a guided meditation powerful, but also calming and relaxing, thus aiding a deeper, more enduring and positive meditation session.

I will now take you thru an example of a guided meditation……… First, find a time when you will not be disturbed, turn off the TV, mobile phone and take the landline off the hook. I have even placed a “do not disturb sign ” outside my front door, asking people politely not to ring the door bell as a meditation is progress.

You can also burn incense, oils or candles, put on some low, soft, meditative back ground music. Now relax, close your eyes and start to breathe deeply in thru your nose and out thru your mouth. Repeat this between 6 to 10 times, each time slowing down your breath and relax every part of your body. Once you are relaxed, in your mind, see yourself standing on a large cliff ledge, safely back from the edge. Feel the warm sun on your face and the freshness of the green grass under your bare feet. As you lookup, relax, raise your arms above your head and feel the mist of fresh water drifting off a waterfall coming from the top of the cliff, falling over the edge and flowing down like a light lace curtain in front of you and into a river in the valley below.

You will now look to your right and beside you will see a set  of 3 to 7 small purple boxes ( you can have any colour you like) laying in a garden of fresh pretty flowers. You will now bend down, pick up one box, open it, take a deep cleansing breath and place in the box one problem, negative thing, pain ,loss or tragedy that burdens your day to day life and your conscious mind. Close the lid on the purple box, hold it up to the sunlight with both hands, take another cleansing breath and then release the box into the waterfall. With love and forgiveness, watch the box tumble down lightly into the waterfall and into the river below. Watch the purple box float away and disappear, taking with it your pain, loss or problem.

Outstretch your arms again, feel the sun on your face, the mist coming from the waterfall, the rich green grass under your feet, and give thanks, feel the release of that which you placed in the purple box, and know, accept that you are released of it. Feel free, cleansed and empowered.

Repeat the same process with as many purple boxes as you feel necessary (from a minimum of 3 up to 7). Most people find 3 or 4 are enough.  Just remember, only 1 problem/pain per box.

I hope you have enjoyed my guided meditation. Please feel free to copy it down or read it out into a tape recorder or MP4 player/ recorder. This way you can set it going, playing it back and taking yourself thru your own private guided meditation. Try it, I think you will find it is worth the effort. Then seriously consider joining a group that does guided meditation on a regular basis. You will find it will help you manage your day to day life. Bring joy and ease to most of what you encounter, and most of all, give your life more peace, tranquillity and fulfilment.

Thank you for reading my page on guided meditation and I hope it has been of service to you.