Massage is one of the best remedies for bodily aches and pains; today’s busy lifestyle leaves very little time for pampering ourselves. Massage is an alternative therapy that can be utilised for stress release, pain relief, to reduce muscle and ligament restriction, to release pinched nerves and purely for all round wellness.

Lose the Back Pain

Sporting people regularly have massages to keep them fit and limber for their chosen sports, this is referred to as deep tissue or remedial massage, using deep pressure on the muscles to warm them up and make them easier to manipulate when they are tense and stressed after sport. Regular massaging keeps the muscle structure subtle and even elongates the muscles, tendons and sinew giving them better mobility and strength.

It seems more people are having trouble with back, neck and joint pain and some of this is contributed to lifestyle, work environment, lack of exercise and in the last ten years or so, obesity, which puts a huge strain on our body, limbs, muscles and organs. Again regular massaging can ensure the blood is getting to every portion of the body properly. This is soft tissue massaging where not alot of pressure is applied, opting for massaging the skin from top to bottom to ensure circulation is functioning well and gives the feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. By ensuring circulation is at its optimum best then restriction in the back, neck and joints can be alleviated.

Lose the Back Pain

Massages combined with physiotherapy after surgery or an accident can benefit the healing process as it keeps the circulation working well and releases good chemicals and hormones throughout the body and organs. Post operative massaging also gives the patient relaxation, peace and recuperation. The healing process is paramount after any surgery, so the more relaxed and content a patient feels the quicker the healing takes place.

Depression can be alleviated a little by having the body and head massaged, head massaging kicks in the natural hormones that give us the feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Endorphins have a positive effect on our senses and nervous system, which alleviates the negative effects of depression. Massage stimulates the skin which also releases positive hormones and chemicals which is highly beneficial to the body’s organs; after all, our skin is our largest organ!

Lose the Back Pain

Head and face massage is very good for those who suffer from regular headaches, head tension, migraines, eye pain and jaw pain. It triggers electrical impulses through the brain which leads to better circulation and nerve function, and again the release of good hormones.

If nothing else, regular massage can just give us personal ‘time out’, relaxation and the feelings of warmth and nurturing.