Hypnosis is a well known modality that can be used in several different ways, whether it is for entertainment, (Martin St James); for healing, (pain, illness, weight issues); eliminate bad habits, (smoking); to eradicated phobia’s (fear of spiders, strangers etc); or to bring discipline to certain situations and behaviours, (anger, abuse etc).

It is being used to help those afflicted with unrelenting depression, eating disorders, destructive personal patterns and much more.

There are several depths to hypnosis depending on the degree of what needs to be healed or dealt with. It should always be conducted by a well trained practitioner, as it can be a little un-nerving for some people, especially if the sub-conscious brings forth information they may not be totally ready to deal with; but in saying that, you need to be equipped and ready if you wish to get passed your demons or for healing to take place….

For entertainment purposes it can be truly amazing and amusing; the client is put under a deep hypnotic suggestion where-as when they are asked to perform something, Eg: to cluck like a chicken, they do automatically without question or hesitation! When brought out of it they say they remember doing it but could not stop themselves from following thru with the command!

I have seen Mr Martin St James several times live on stage and he truly is the master at performing hypnotic suggestion, he is excellent and very entertaining.

Medical hypnosis is somewhat different where-as you are still in control and know what you are saying and doing and can come out of it if you are uncomfortable; you need to be a willing participant for it to work well. This hypnosis is structured around the sub-conscious mind and getting to the core of where the problem lives.

The sub-conscious mind is the computer (if I may put it that way) of where everything, absolutely everything from this life and all Past Lives resides in exactly the same measure as how it was delivered into the sub-conscious mind via the conscious mind. Every thought we have ever had, every experience, every memory will be forever kept in the sub-conscious mind………

Most people do not know that the sub-conscious accepts everything that it takes in, in exactly the way it is said/given…. Eg: If you say to yourself; ‘I am a wonderful person with much to offer!’ then that is exactly what lodges in the sub-conscious mind, no variation what-so-ever. Where-as the conscious mind (our daily thinking mind) can and will argue suggestion most times with us!

The hypnotist is given an opening to pass on suggestions that over repeated sessions will stay in the sub-conscious and over time will allow healing to happen; but again you need to be ready to want and accept help.

So in essence, continued hypnosis for a period of time can help and cure a person of many problems, behaviours, habits, physical/mental pain and phobia’s.

It can help with children that have obedience problems, fears and phobias and a range of other things that can afflict children/ teenagers.

The power of hypnotic suggestion can be very strong and does need to be performed by a qualified professional hypnotist.