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Within our body is a system called the Chakras. They are wheels of energy, (in Sanskrit chakra means wheel) In Metaphysics the seven chakras generate the bodies Chi (energy) around the body, re-aligning, cleansing and releasing toxins. The better they work the better our organs function and thus our energy levels increase and we feel more vital. One of the biggest threats to our internal systems are toxins and free radicals. They are the scavengers that pillage the body of nutrition and well being. The body as a whole relies on a well functioning energy system. The spinal column, which encases the main structure of the nervous system, needs to be running at maximum capacity, and if all the chakras are clear and energised, then the nervous system tends to fire and connect well with all the bodies functions. This of course includes the brain, which is like our computer in our head. If everything is plugged in and energised, then everything works in unison. So in essence, alot revolves around the chakras working at maximum capacity, in order for body, mind and soul to function.


The seven chakras run in alignment from the crown of the head to the base of the spine.

The 7th chakra is known as the Crown and is in the middle of the top of your head, connecting you to the higher consciousness. It is usually represented in the color purple , white or for some, gold. The crown chakra helps to energize and regulate the brain. It helps keep the electrons in the brain firing and renewing. This one is also vital in Meditation and Relaxation.

The 6th chakra is known as the Third Eye, it is located exactly between the eyes above the bridge of the nose. Some call it the minds eye, or the intuition. It is usually the color of indigo or mauve. It is responsible for the eyes, ears, face, and also plays a large roll in meditation. It regulates and clears the eyes,ears and sinus system. The 3rd eye comes into action with our Dream state and also plays a part in the wellness and function of the frontal lobes of the brain.

The 5th chakra is the Throat and is located at the base of the throat between the clavicle bones (collar bones). It is represented by varying colors of blue depending on the restriction of that area at any given time. It is our communication point, our voice. The varying shades of blue is due to how well we communicate, voice our opinion, speak our truth. As a human being today, we tend to over vocalize our communication or restrict it too much. Either way it can be to our own detriment, and leads to re-occurring throat problems.

The 4th chakra is the Heart and of course is located in the chest, slightly to the left under the rib cage. The colour for this one is split between two, some see it as pink and others see it as green. I personally see and feel it in both colours, pink for the love, emotion, nurturing side of the chakra and green for the healing and growth polarity. This one regulates, gives energy to and protects the heart and lungs. When this one is blocked or sluggish, the heart and lungs do not function to full capacity and thus have to work harder.

The 3rd chakra is known as the Solar Plexus and is found in the middle of the torso near the base of the rib cage and the belly button. The color of it is vibrant yellow (when it is well). This one  has alot on its plate and responsible for many organs in it’s area including major organs like the liver, stomach and kidneys. I could write a whole page on this section alone, as today’s society suffer so many ailments   surrounding this area and organs. The solar plexus area is where we tend to stuff down all our pain, resentment, anger, disappointment etc, which leads to disease and disharmony within the body, when we do not deal with our pain and resentment.

The 2nd chakra is called the Navel or Sacrel. It is located between the belly button and pelvis and coloured bright orange. Again, this can vary depending on our emotional state. This chakra looks after the large intestine, bladder, colon and bowel. We all know the rising statistics for bowel disorders, and when this one is blocked and sluggish, then problems arise. We also know that poor nutrition and life style play a big part in these organs being unwell and thus becoming diseased.

The 1st chakra is the Base, or our earthly connection. It can be found between the legs at the perineum and its colour is earth red. This is the sexual chakra and responsible for the sexual organs and reproductive system including the ovaries, uterus, prostrate and testes. As this one is dense and connects us with our earth, it can take much work to keep it clear and functioning well. It can be a big problem area for a large portion of the population, but again, it comes down to us.

The best way to keep the chakra system well and functioning without disorder and disease is to think about how we live, eat, communicate, work, exercise, love, think and treat others.  To take time out for ourselves, giving back to our health and healing. Resting and sleeping properly. Laughing, being happy, kind and respectful.  Not taking our life and health for granted.  One of the best Alternate therapies we can do for our Chakras is to Meditate on them, see them spinning within our body and clearing all that is not serving our wellbeing. Think positive, be positive, live positive.

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