How to See & Feel the Aura

The subject of Auras has become very popular in the last 10 to 20 years in the New Age movement, people wanting information on what an aura is and how to see it. The aura energy field surrounds the human body. Most of us see aura’s regularly and don’t realize it. The more work you do with Alternate therapy and healing, the more relaxed you will become and thus be able to see aura’s more easily. There has been a rise in aura cleansing technique’s and Meditations.  New Age and Metaphysical shops are selling more books and answering more inquiries than ever before on the subject of aura’s.  Also aura photography has become very popular, and most large New Age events offer aura photography. From time to time I have also known of private Metaphysical shops that offer the service.

Seeing the human aura is not difficult if you don’t try too hard, but people ask the question does the aura exist? Yes it does. As humans seeing auras we often try too hard and then stress when something doesn’t work,only to find when we are relaxed or forget about it, it happens or transpires. Have you ever looked up in a daze and seen a fuzzy sphere around something?Or stared at someone almost to the point that you’re zoning out? With both those scenario’s you will usually see someone’s aura and just dismiss it as tiredness or your eyes playing tricks on you! I use to sit and write a lot while sitting outside in the sunshine, and when I would look up from my paper and gaze out at the large trees down the street, I would see a white fuzzy haze around the tops of the trees where their leaves are at their fullest.

This is the aura energy of the tree, and when trees are renewing their growth in spring, then the aura is larger and brighter. I know this sounds awful, but sometimes I tend to zone out when there is a conversation going on amongst a group of people I am with, especially when it is just idle gossip or something I have heard many times before, only to find when I come back to earth, that I can see many of their aura’s buzzing around their heads! I have also surprised different friends on occasion when I’ve inquired after their health and they have wondered how I knew something was wrong. For instance; I nearly always knew when a girlfriend was having one of her bad headaches, she would have a very deep indigo colour in her aura around her head that would come in close around her.

"See the Light"

An exercise you can try and do to see your own Aura energy is, go into a dimly lit room with a large mirror, or go into a dark room and have a light on in another room that illuminates into the room you are in. Then stand back from the mirror so you can see yourself from about the waist up, relax completely (remember the more anxious you are the harder it will be), take a few full, deep breathes and slowly let them out, stare into the mirror at yourself, just continue to relax, breathe and stare. Then let your focus go, similar to daydreaming or zoning out and out of your peripheral vision you should be able to see a white haze around your head. If you stay relaxed and look at yourself, your aura, your energy will become more illuminate. Most people only ever see the aura in shades of white, it is the most prevalent shade around most human beings.

Also, have you ever taken notice, especially when you take a woolen jumper off in the dark how it can crackle and you see little sparks? That’s your energy field, your Aura energy. Or when you walk on some types of carpet and you touch someone and give them a zap? That’s your Aura energy. I liken this to us using electricity, we know it works in order for our televisions, toasters, computers etc to work, we can’t

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see it, but we know it’s there and that it works! So too does our electrical field, our aura.

An exercise to be able to feel the aura is to, go to a room where you and a friend have some room to walk at a distance between you. Again, you both need to be relaxed and both of the same mind frame in order for this to work successfully. If one of you is not in the mood or negative as to whether it can or will work, then it will be a struggle. Clear a path so you don’t trip or walk into anything, yes, you guessed it, you will be doing this exercise with your eyes closed! One of you needs to stand at one end of the room ready to walk in a line with your hands out and eyes closed. Once you’re ready and start to walk slowly, then your friend quietly steps into your path somewhere along the way. As you approach your friend you should be able to feel a change in the energy in front of your hands. The closer you get, the more you will feel the aura energy. This is your friends Aura. So depending on how healthy or vibrant your friend’s aura is the quicker you will feel it! If you don’t feel any change, don’t worry, swap over and try again, at some stage you will feel something. If nothing else, you will have fun and laughs trying and that is good therapy for you.

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Alternate therapy/ healing like Meditation, Reiki, Massage and crystal healing can enhance the effectiveness of how well your Aura functions, thus also keeping the Chakra system cleansed and working well. There are many modalities in Meta physics that can put you on the path to teaching on how they all work. For me, it has been mainly books.  I have found books to be my greatest resource in learning. Then I have ventured out and signed up for classes and seminars, and attended Metaphysical expo’s. I have used Chakra clearing and Crystal healing to help cleanse and strengthen my aura energy, especially after an illness like a cold or flu, also when I have had to have any type of surgery. I had to have major surgery to have my second child and my knowledge in Alternate Therapy and Healing certainly helped me cope and in my opinion, heal faster.

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Metaphysical studies have stated that young children can see the human Aura energy quite easily, as they don’t know any different. The aura energy shows up as different colours to children. It is only when adults tell them that it is their imagination that children grow up dismissing it eventually, but if not discouraged, will grow up always being able to see them. It’s similar to children having imaginary friends……. are they really imaginary? I believe children see a lot of what we as adults don’t, purely because we are told it is just a figment of our imagination when we are kids. I know and remember that I had an ‘imaginary friend’ actually, I had two, a mother and son, Mrs Argison and Robbie, and to this day I still remember them. My mother even has agreed with me now that for a child of three years of age to come up with those names was out of the ordinary, even for the imagination! I believe they were spirits, ghosts or guides that I was friends with as a little girl. I believe very strongly in reincarnation and spirit guides but that’s a huge subject on it’s own that I won’t start on here.

The Aura is a special part of our physical and Spiritual life and plays a larger part in our daily life than any of us even realize. With the enhancement of New Age Alternate Therapy and Healing Modalities, we can ensure our Aura energy remains strong, vibrant and protective of our internal and external body systems. The human aura, some believe, some don’t, you be the judge. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Aura.

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