The Human Aura

March 26, 2011

The Human Aura is the electrical energy field that completely surrounds the human body and it has seven distinct layers/levels. The 1st level is the most dense as it is protecting the body at a cellular level and giving it energy.

Some do not believe that the aura exists, but without it we would not stay grounded with the earth’s energy/ gravity.

The better our health and body are the bigger and more vibrant our aura is, and each layer is lighter as it flows out from the body, giving us the essence of well-being. Each layer is connected to the seven colours in the light spectrum and the dominating colour or colours in your aura will dictate what health issues you are having.

Many psychics can see the aura, but so can many everyday persons, some not really realizing what they are seeing. The most noticed colour is white and it usually shows as a white haze above a persons head  and/or around the body. White is the base colour of which all other colours are formed from.

Green in the human aura is relating to health and healing, and varying degrees of green will give rise to different health problems and/or healing. Black or dark shades of greys relate to depression, eating disorders and serious health problems. Shades of red (which comes from the shade of pink) relates to anger, resentment, fear, etc. Blue shades relate to communication, music/singing, withdrawal, the need to get something said.

Shades of purple relates to higher essence/energy and spirituality, the psychic realm and the Angelic realm.               Shades of pink relate to the heart, love, relationships, empathy, happiness, being content.

Shades of yellow thru to gold reflects optimum well-being, growth and enlightenment. Orange is about learning, transformation, but can also be the 1st sign of a developing health problem.

There is so much more valuable information on The Human Aura that it is well worth investigating further……. I hope your aura will always be fresh and vibrant….

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