Spirit Guides

March 28, 2011

Spirit Guides is a subject that seems to fascinate most people, whether a person believes in them or not, most will have thought about it at some stage in their life, even if it was only fleeting.

It is suggested that we all have these guides when we come into our life and in every reincarnation or past life we have had. They are assigned to us to help us though our everyday life and help us with our decision making. They are there to comfort and give us strength in times of difficulty and grief.

They are there to take our thoughts and prayers to the Universal Source, Power, Light, God, Goddess or whom-ever you believe in. Their biggest task is to show/give us divine guidance, spiritual guidance, ( and some believe )even protection on life’s journey.

Spirit guides can be souls who have passed from this life, have completed their karmic cycle and are never to return to an earthly existence……. They are their to offer service to guide and watch over those still living.

They can be a passed over family member, a friend, a pet, a total stranger or a passed soul from your Soul Circle. They are not Guardian Angels or Celestial Angels, even though alot of us can and do relate to them in that manner.

Our guides have had earthly incarnations, where-as Angels of any description are Celestial Light Beings that have never taken on a human form or existence, they are pure White Light Energy.

Our Spirit Guides can come to us in our dreams, through meditation and sometimes can be seen or sensed in the aura, usually by gifted psychics and mediums.


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